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Short Video E-commerce made easier

Just make Video or take a picture, copy & tag the url of product & site where you are selling & make a successful sale with ZikkZak....Its as simple as that

Real pleasure cannot come in 15 Seconds!

We understand that you have a lot to say and 15 seconds is not enough to express your creativity. Be it a dance routine , song, joke or an impact video.At ZikkZak we have super high speed server space to allow you to upload up to 2-minute videos. Finally, you have enough time to showcase your talents without your editor holding a scissor over your head.After all, time is money


Classified Ads within the Short Video!

Advertising and marketing is one of the most salient functions of Short Videos. Yet, none of the existing Short Video Apps allow you to run your classified ads along with your uploads.This is where ZikkZak comes ‘straight’ to the point. The creator, the advertiser, the audience… EVERYONE BENEFITS.

Audio and Video call features in your App.

Why waste your memory space by installing audio and video calling apps when you make free high-quality audio and video calls to all over the world through your WiFi or phone network from the ZikkZak App.No other Short Video App has this feature Now, that’s a ‘talking’ point right?


Be a partner and a stakeholder in your video’s profits!

ZikkZak believes that the influencer is the hero and deserves a share of the profits that the Company Makes. Major USP of ZikkZak is going to be that ZikkZak would be a Partnership bases short video app where Influencers would be considered as Partners & 25% of Company’s profit every year would be distributed among them. So, Basically Influencers would not only make money while selling the product & getting Virtual gifts from their fans but would also get 25% share in company’s Profit in one of the first of its kind Initiative,ZikkZak Partnership will not only give successful Influencers an edge by Monitizing the Video but the company will share its annual profits with the Army of Successful Influencers.

ZikkZak’s Metaverse, AI & Cryptocurrency Revolution

ZikkZak is all about Future & With Live Events like Music Concerts & Awards ZikkZak is venturing into the amazing world of Metaverse & AI

ZikkZak is planning to launch its own Cryptocurrency & with e-commerce embedded into ZikkZak’s ecosystems along with ZikkZak’s own Crypto we will have an upper edge over all other short video e-commerce apps.


Widest Audio, Video and Dialogue library to choose from!

Our in-house library has Hundreds of royalty-free videos, music and dialogues for you to make your short videos non-repetitive and original.Compare that to the oft repeated songs and audio effects of lesser apps in the market! Yes, at ZikkZakk, your short videos can be...As original as you are.Welcome to an amazing world of ZikkZak

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